What we do ?

We are a top player in the field of mosquito net fittings.

The nets are developed to provide for optimum protected enclosed environment against mosquitoes thus safeguarding from diseases.

Get your family secured from the dangerous disease causing mosquitoes and from other insects.

We fix mosquito net in all parts of your house from wherever the insects can enter.

The nets are available in neat, clean and durable stitched having finish look. It is also available in different sizes and shapes as per the specific usage needs , taking in consideration of the client requirements.


Where we can fix mosquito net ?

We fix nets in doors, windows, air holes in an effective way to control mosquitoes and cockroaches.


What kind of materials we are using ?

We use aluminium frames and steel nets.

Specifications :

    • Net- Nylon (high density polyethylene)
    • Steel: SS net (stainless steel)
    • Rubber: EPDM rubber
    • Aluminium: Jindal Aluminium.


Thus you can free your home from mosquitoes for years without smelly creams, smoky coils, mats, sprays etc and allow free passage of air and sunlight.

We can help you with more services other than mosquito net fixing.


  • Custom made to your windows.
  • Completely sealed around the windows using custom made magnetic strips and weather piles.
  • Very Simple to clean and less care required to maintain.
  • Very sturdy to suit everyday use.
  • Aesthetically designed to blend with your windows.

Planning to Install Mosquito Nets? Contact us may be.